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Welcome to J’enessence! Our natural skincare products were created to be lavishly infused with premium therapeutic grade essential oils; not only it provides an exceptional luxurious skincare experience, it also creates an aromatherapy for the mental wellbeing and a spa like experience right from home.

Our products include natural therapeutic body washes, moisturizers,  all natural therapeutic body scrubs and bath salts with added Vitamin E, to 98% all naturally derived anti-aging creams. Perfect and suitable for women and men who care to nourish & promote healthier skins, preserve youthful skins, or even just a day to day pampering relaxation treatment.

We hope you enjoy these premium quality skin care and bath products and wish that you will relish your bath and skin care experience more than you ever have.

As seen in HEALTH magazine.
Explore our all natural, vegan, therapeutic, cruelty free skincare products and all natural anti-aging facial rejuvenation creams.


Free shipping available for any orders $50 and over in the U.S. Use code PRIME20 for first order discount 20% off!

Treat your body the way it deserves – the right way - naturally.


Each category name contains a different blend of luxurious natural therapeutic essential oils & ingredients to give your skin a different treatment, benefit, and experience you're looking for. Each set offers you the opportunity of natural therapeutic body wash, natural therapeutic body lotion, and all natural therapeutic body scrub or bath salt for best results. All of our products are vegan friendly, animal cruelty free, dye free, fragrance free, parabens free, and formaldehyde free, perfect for people with sensitive skins. All of our natural body washes and natural body moisturizers are made from organic coconut and organic olive oils. Enjoy!

Naturally Ageless

Naturally Ageless Facial Rejuvenation Cream

Natural Ingredients

Unlike most anti-aging creams, J’enessence® Naturally Ageless is a skin rejuvenation treatment to deliver younger refreshing-looking skin with no silicones, chemical dyes, or perfumes of any kind. The secret is its powerfully soothing blend of Retinol, CoQ10, CBD crystals, and Vitamins C & E oils to naturally unclog pores, relaxes facial muscles and tissue while it is packed with anti-oxidants to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The addition of therapeutic essential oil(s) also detoxes & hydrate pores while Vitamins A, C & E renews and tone skin cells. This luxurious and unique blend of anti-aging creams are also vegan friendly and 98% naturally derived designed to be gentle on your skin.



J'enessence is a proud Woman Owned Business. The company started with an inspiring story and a dream started with a single idea and that your skin is the largest and most noticeable organ, and J’enessence products are designed to be as gentle on your skin as possible while still allowing you the most luxurious bath and skin care experience with therapeutic benefits. Our products are either all natural, made with organic oils or have been formulated to be gentle on your skin while still providing you the best experience imaginable.

The company was born from a desire to launch a woman owned business focused on a natural product line to protect and treat the body in the best way. It was also born from the founder's very challenging life story that inspired her to show others who might be in the same position that even the toughest obstacles can be surmounted and turned into purposeful and meaningful life work. She was born as an American citizen in 1986 and raised in Taiwan. There she faced terrible poverty against the backdrop of a country that was in constant turmoil and made life feel additionally precarious. Her hardest struggles though were caused by mental, emotional and physical abuse that she had to endure from family & life experiences and she had no one to turn to. When she was 13, she and her family immigrated back to the U.S. to New York City and things spiraled even more. She became homeless and lived in NYC shelters. In spite of it, she managed to stay in school and had a few people who really cared about her. She managed to go to college and was awarded a Seinfeld scholarship through Jerry Seinfeld and his family’s generosity and received 4 years of tuition support leading her to get a B.B.A. in Finance from Baruch College. Other support systems have included Dress for Success which have kept her focused on staying motivated and pursuing her dreams.

She is beyond thrilled that J’enessence has been so well received to date and is looking forward to introducing it to more and more people. She is gratified to have created something that works so well, and also excited, and hopeful, to have the chance to give back to others both in communities and beyond one day. Thank you for reading how J'enessence Natural Beauty Therapy was born.

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